Monday, January 25, 2010

Web Site...

We want to thank Bro. Billy Douglas and VOTLCREATIONS.COM for the new WAGON TRAXX web site. There are lots of goodies on the site like our BLOG (which you are reading) LINKS...VIDOES and now listeners can donate on-line! We are very excited about the new site and I hope that it will be a link that Bluegrass Lovers can turn to.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

On With The Show...

Well...this is year 17 for Wagon Traxx...WOW! I had no idea back in 1993 the show would still be on the air. What started out a an 'air shift' has now become the longest running BG Gospel show in Ky!

We are currently on 27 stations and are looking at going on more. We truly thank the Lord. You can visit the 'stations' link on the site to see the full listening.

I am very thankful for the listeners out there. Without you, there would be NO SHOW. I am also very thankful for all those who send in a monthly love offering that enables us to be on WBFI seven days a week.

I encourage you all to write, call, or email me. Let's make 2010 be the best year we have ever had in Christian Broadcasting....On With The Show.